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Learn to give time, time!
Some issues pertaining to your future welfare and wellbeing require time-patience!
When the ‘right time’ comes to tackle a matter comes, you will intuitively know, and the issue that formerly appeared to stagnate in your life will begin to freely move forward as though it has been lubricated. You will suddenly have its solution and how to go about tackling it. It will appear so simple and cooperative that you will wonder why it formerly proved difficult, daunting and challenging. Speculate not, its hour of troubleshooting has merely arrived. Yes, its hour to work out and ‘cooperate’ in solving has come. This is known as ‘the appointed hour’!

To every matter pertaining to human life is an appointed hour; its due season! The time to tackle it and it cooperating in response to your input. It suddenly seems to cooperate with your choice of solutions to tackle it. Ironically, but not surprising, the same solutions you are using to tackle it may be the same that previously refused to work. No surprise there; the appointed hour for the solution to work may not had arrived formerly. Now is the time, its time to work.

As for matters you formerly did not understand, you shall begin to. The matters that did not make sense, or you formerly could not comprehend, may begin to make sense. This is ‘divine intuition’! The hour of comprehension. The time of comprehension and understanding. To each, a unique timing. If you currently do not comprehend what you desire to, regardless of your focus and attempt at alertness, fret not; simply hold on to the desired topic, subject, or subject matter- a time shall come when comprehend it fully you shall…eventually. Interestingly, when that time comes, even if you need it to be taught to you or broken down to you for full comprehension, that shall happen; even if you formerly could not grasp it as it was being simplified to you. This time round, you shall.
Yes, when the student is ready the teacher shall appear! The teacher who shall make sense of the matter to you, and for you. Hard to believe? You best believe it; or wait for it to eventually happen to you…then believe; in the meantime simply give time, time!