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If you have the feeling that you are cut out for greater things than your current lifestyle is, fret not. Greatness begins with dissatisfaction! You are right and on the right track. Do not brush that dissatisfaction off. Do not shy off either. Rather resolve to pursue it and fulfil it. Please do. Yes, have the courage to walk down that path. Have the courage and boldness to go for that which you desire for your life. It’s neither too late nor too early my friend; your ambition is well placed. Your future greatness is calling unto you.
Now simply prepare self. Be ready and willing to do what it shall take to realise it. Be ready to gather the relevant knowledge on how to unlock this greatness.
You can start by listening to self so you can better understand this desire. Doing this will make you comprehend the passion burning deep within! Understanding is a weapon towards getting knowledge. The knowledge you require. This will give you perspective, and help you know what you don’t know, to achieve that which you currently desire. Information is power, do not underestimate it.
Awaken to the greatness burning within you. Desire to unlock it. Stir it up. Focus on its pursuit. If you lack the knowledge of how to go about things, despair not. DO NOT DESPAIR. Again, do not despair. Never forfeit your desire to accomplish great things. You can do it. You shall do it, only IF you don’t give up. No one was born for a life of mediocrity and average living. Simple living is not the portion of the ambitious. The ambitious were meant for bigger, greater things. They are the influencers and changers of the world. They are cut out for greater things. Bigger things. New things. To bring forth better things and transform the world; first through self then the greater majority. When they succeed, things and people around them shall change too. If you desire more from life, if you have a passion, if you have a dream, if you have a desire to be better and make something more of your life, then YOU fall in is category. You are an ambitious individual. You are part of the people am refering to. Yes, I am talking to you. Listen. Listen well. YOU were not born for a life of simple living, and average results and achievements without recognition and excellence! You were born for more. If by now you feel something stirring within you then you are exactly whom am talking to. This note was meant for you. Yes you. If it wasn’t it wouldn’t even be making any impact within you whatsoever. You would have already found it boring to read and would have stopped here! If you proceed then you have a deeper calling, a greater calling. A calling to do and be more than you currently are. Pay attention.
First and foremost, you were born for greatness, regardless of your current situation and states, even age. Yes some think they were born to live a plain life, have a plain life, and die a nobody – but not you. YOU were born to impact the world and leave a positive mark some day, one day, eventually. It does not matter how you currently perceive yourself or how you view your life currently, or where you currently stand in life, as long as you have this desire for greater things, for accomplishment some day. It shall come to pass. Have a dream bigger than your current state of life. Be ambitious. Stay focused, and if you arent, then be focused. Awaken to your greatness. Realise it. Absorb it. Believe it. Know it. Then prepare self!
Desire greater things even if you don’t know how you’ll achieve them or accomplish them. Let that not be an excuse or reason not to dream BIG. Let that not bother you now, you are simply in the first stage of awakening. Don’t be too hard on yourself by thinking am not referring to you because I am. Do not, and never ever settle for an average life. Never. Do not accept what you currently are and settle for that, especially if you have the feeling that you can be more and deserve more from life because if you think you deserve more or should be more then you definitely are having the right hunches, and you can achieve it. You shall achieve it. You will achieve it. You can, and definately will make it. There are prerequisite conditions to be met though: a firm belief in self, an unwavering resolve to settle for nothing but the best, and finally, a passionate ambition. Keep in mind that nothing worthwhile in life comes on a silver platter. ‘No sweat no gain’ is not a mere proverbial phrase; it contains truth in it. It is not meant to be a discourager rather a motivation for those who have made up their mind. To the lazy and unambitious, it is an excuse not to aspire for greatness, especially if one lacks dedication. I believe you fall not in this category of persons, and if you are I hope it is just but for a moment. The time for change is now. Greatness is calling!
Live your life in your own unique way, believing that your current state and situation is just but temporary…awaiting an impending eventual metamorphosis. It is not the sum total of your life, neither does it imply your eventual position in life. Inshort your current state is not the final chapter in your book of life, neither should you make it so.
Do not settle for anything less than a bigger dream for your life. That is not your portion. Do not settle for an ordinary life. You are not ordinary. Simply add the ‘extra’ and you shall be extraordinary. Never settle for a mediocre life. Don’t. Once more I beseech you: do not settle for an ordinary life; you can be and do more if so you decide. Yes, change begins with a decision from you. Where you stand today shall determine where you seat in future. Do not compromise or settle. Not for anyone or anything, not even me. Do not go for the common things in life, be ambitious: aspire for more. ‘Normal’ is boring.
Do not settle for an ‘ordinary’ life if you desire a better and greater tomorrow for your life. Do not take an ordinary path in life if you really desire better things, greater things, extraordinary things from life.
Avoid the normal ordinary path chosen by most people by default either out of sheer laziness, unconcern, self doubt or lack of a sense of self worth. Make a decision to be unique and different when it comes to your life and future welfare…be passionately ambitious with your life. Settle not for just any path when it comes to your life. If you personally do not care about your future welfare nobody will. Not even your parents…they are merely doing their part according to THEIR own standard and vision. That is why your parents can only take you to school but you have to do the reading by yourself. They pay the school fees but YOU do the going to school. They buy the uniform but you do the wearing…I believe you get the drift by now.
Remember, any path you take in life is a path; and eventually it must lead somewhere…whether to your detriment or progress. Choose a higher calling and purpose for your life! Greater purpose. Fear nothing, and no one when it comes to your future greatness. Doubt nothing. Especially yourself. Pay no heed to anyone trying to discourage you or distract you on your new path, if you have eventually decided to do so, and gained the boldness to go for your dreams and pursue them to achievement . Which I hope you have so decided: have you?
If you lack a motivator or someone to encourage you if and when you do decide to embark on thid new path to greatess then do not be discouraged my friend: I am here for you, sincerely!
Just do me a favor and show some seriousness. Probe your worth to self and the world, then to me. If you have truly made the choice to pursue your dreams and you are seriously passionate about it then you can count on me not only for moral support, encouragement, motivation but also for inspiration. I believe in you, friend. I believe in you stranger. I do. Sincerely, I do.
Infact I so believe in you that you can inbox me anytime concerning any setbacks and/or challenges you face along the way and once I receive it we shall tackle it together. Remember; two heads are better than one, BUT believe in yourself most. Please do. I urge you. I beseech you…
#Let the journey begin…better must come!