Every opportunity was once a difficulty. Every smooth road was once a difficult unbeaten path. Somebody somewhere though, decided to view it differently.
Difficulties may not necessarily be obstructions, they may also contain instructions embedded therein. Within every perceived setback or obstacle, a seed, either of an equal or greater benefit; opportunity.
What may manifest as your biggest setback or problem, may infact disguise your greatest opportunity! Such is the surprises life occasionally throws our way.
Are we not well versed with the ad age “one man’s meet is another man’s poison”?
So is one man’s mishap another man’s opportunity. It all depends on our attitude and approach in life towards it.
With every achievement a positive input is required of the individual, with every accomplishment a dedication, with every success a tale of accomplishment; how you overcame it!
No success lacks a story; the ‘success story’.
What shall your succcess story be…and if already manifest, what is the story?
Everyone should have a story, everyone will have the opportunity to stand on the platform of their accomplishment(s) and narrate their story: it all begins with maximizing on the availed opportunity or opportunities. Success begins with a resolution to tackle your perceived difficulty. Therein lies your story.
Go forth boldly and put your back into your setback; your story awaits: the success story!
Keep in mind that your audience is waiting, has been waiting, waiting for you.


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