Indeed ‘reasoning’ is of two kinds: the head or the heart. There are matters of life and moments in life wherein you may reason with your head yet get it wrong; end up making the wrong choice. Whereas there are others where reasoning with your heart ends up with you being right; making the logical choice. Though such moments are relative.
Regardless, some moments and scenarios in life deem it prudent to listen to your heart in spite of how logical, factual, rational or reasonable your mind presents its case. The heart oft does not have the luxury of justifying self to you as to why you should give it an ear; it simply knows that it knows-no facts, no figures, no supportive argument, no justification. It does not operate on a ‘facts and figures’ basis, like the mind, to justify its reasoning.
It simply enlightens you on the matter at hand through intuition. Though intuition implies ‘tuition from within’, it takes the form of ‘a feeling deep within.’ That is how the heart makes its view on a matter known to you. That is how it reasons. No facts, no figures.
This is followed by an occasional intermittent and radiant feeling of deep peace within that surpasses understanding, every time you reflect on this proposed solution from it, the heart. This feeling fades or temporarily vanishes when you move your focus to the option offered by the mind through its logic and reason; only to resurface when you refocus on the heart. This refocusing or focusing on your heart is simply ‘listening to your heart’!
Finally it leaves you to make the final call on the matter. It leaves you to decide on the next course of action: whether to accept or turn down its proposal. At such times, it is wise to side with it, listen to it and embrace its verdict on the matter. Especially if you feel the deep conviction within; for at such times it is rarely wrong! Yet ironically, it will never impose its choice or verdict on you. It simply proposes the solution, then leaves you to accept or decline.
My advice: accept it, especially if you feel the deep conviction piercing within; for then the heart may just be right!



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