In every cloud, a silver lining; every setback, a comeback; every misfortune, fortune; ever impediment, freedom; yes, to every negative therein lies a positive. To every dead end lies a way through. It all depends on how we ‘perceive’ rather than ‘look at’ the matter. Yes, in life many see, but few perceive. Same case; many hear but few actually listen. Allow me to enlighten you on an aspect of life: when you hear the sentiment that “some have eyes but cannot see, and, ears but cannot hear” , it is not referring to the functionality of the organ. It is deeper than that. Otherwise it would be totally illogical to claim that one who possesses the faculty of sight cannot see, and ears but cannot hear!
In essence it is simply an admonition to society to look deeper into matters to fully comprehend their relevance, significance and role in one’s growth and development. Inshort, an advice to society not to take matters at face value; either through rash conclusions, assumptions, prejudices or past reasonings, and then opting to tackle it or approach it on an ‘as-is’ basis. No, look into it. Further into it. Deeply and keenly. Give it some benefit of doubt; do not merely see it for what it is, rather ‘perceive’ it.
Yes, seek to apprehend it by the mind. Only then will you comprehend it’s significance in relation to your future growth and development. Once at that point, you will never view problems as problems. You will soon discover that many a times in life ‘the probnlem is not the problem, rather HOW we view the problem IS the problem’. ‘Problems’ are simply matters awaiting a solution and, once solved or overcome, leaves one stronger and wiser than previously was.
Put in a more palatable jargon: a setback is a setup for a comeback!


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