If you have a strong conviction that what you are doing is right, stand boldly and proclaim it; don’t fear or be intimidated. If you make a firm decision concerning any matter, uphold it to the end and allow not self to be swayed or offset from that course of action by anyone. Yes, not even a friend or bosom buddy. Stand. Firm. Boldly. Proclaim. Practice. It; whatever ‘it’ is. Be not convinced otherwise; especially if the unction stems from deep within and your conscience is clear and undoubtful about it.
Remember, intimidation is a weapon best used to oppose people with a right stand or a firm stand on any matter. It is used not necessarily to make them change their mind rather to even simply weaken them and make them appear shaky and in doubt concerning that which they stand for or profess, whatever ‘it’ is.
Fall not victim to this tactic and antic. Indeed there are those who are intimidated by your firm stand or resolve, and will seek to give you a disposition to try offset your position! Do not bow to their pressure. Cower not. Conform not!
Always keep this in mind and you’ll eventually earn their respect and uphold your self respect, dignity; even if they do not blatantly admit it in person to you.


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